The Journey Begins

In 1988, a young aspiring engineer had left his home to study in another city. In the first few months, one thinks of two things – how to be safe from seniors and how to call up home. If you step out to call up home, there is a chance that you are caught by seniors and you never reach the phone booth. Why did not they have a mobile phone then?
Compare those times with today. Not only can one talk but send pictures of whatever is happening in the hostel, at the campus to near and dear ones (ofcourse post censoring). It is a different thing that after the first few months, the pictures will not be send to parents but the better halfs of the students. As life progresses in the hostel, the outgoing calls would not go towards home but elsewhere. There would be only incoming calls from home. But nevertheless, mobile phones are a great boon for young students leaving their homes for the first time and moving to a different city.
However, there is always a gap. Today people having a lower model phone want a higher model phone. People not having a mobile phone want a mobile phone. People having a feature phone aspire to have a smart phone. The reasons are mainly economic. This has led to the growth of the used mobile phone market. This helps people to move to higher models at a much lesser cost. Companies like are doing a wonderful job in creating this marketplace.
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Communication was the prime need then. Now the mobile phone is a great study tool also. We should ensure that all students have access to mobile phones whether new or old or used mobile phones so that they can have access to a wealth of knowledge for their education.
The mobile journey sometimes  Many used mobile phones make their way to cupboards and house corners. This not only creates an unhealthy environment but also deprives people from the weaker sections a chance to won a mobile phone.
So let the mobile journey continue. Please sell your old mobile phone and bring a smile to someone else.
Watch out this space for more mobile stories.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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